Fictional Sports Team Names


Ayala, Rachelle – Arizona Rattlers, Louisiana Copperheads, New York Minutes
Layne, Lyssa – Washington Diplomats, New York Aces, Los Angeles Stags
Mertz, L. – Washington Warriors
West, Collette – New York Kings

Ewing, Rita – New York Flyers

Andre, Bella – San Francisco Outlaws
Ayala, Rachelle – Los Angeles Flash, New York Warthogs, Oakland Brigands, San Diego Surfriders, San Francisco Bridges, UC Sacramento Goldrushers
Davenport, Jamie – Seattle Steelheads
Brannagh, Julie – Seattle Sharks
Coady, Sharon – New York Knights
Foster, Melissa – New York Furies
Layne, Lyssa – Chicago Lancers, San Diego Seawolves

Camps, Lisa B. – Baltimore Banners
Ellis, Aven – Dallas Demons
Davenport, Jamie – Seattle Sockeyes
Forand, Veronica – Atlantic City Hustlers
Gayle, Catherine – Tulsa Thunderbirds
Kennyhercz, Katie – Las Vegas Sinners
Shriver, Michele – El Paso Aztecs, San Antonio Generals
Sommerland, Bianca – Dartmouth Cobras
Willoughby, Kate – San Diego Barracudas

Note: When coming up with a team name for your book, it is best to make it fictional and avoid confusing it with another author’s work. If you want your fictional team name included, please send me email using the contact form here. Thanks, Rachelle

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