Whole Latte Love

WholeLatteLove-wrap-smlWhole Latte Love

Investment banking intern Carina Chen doesn’t need any distractions—especially the sexy, guitar-playing barista she rooms with for the summer.

Free spirit Dylan Jewell appreciates the delightful universe of women who vie for his attention. His goal in life is to do good, make happy coffee, and help the homeless.

When Carina moves in, she insists on rules of conduct to quell her instant attraction to Dylan. But when her boss asks her to turn Dylan into a businessman, she can’t think of a reason not to take advantage of his hospitality.

Their chemistry is white hot, but Dylan refuses to play Carina’s game, unable to understand how he can fall in love with a woman who puts profits in front of people. When Carina realizes Dylan isn’t budging, she risks all to gain a single night with him. Will her gambit backfire or will Dylan discover Carina’s true heart before she runs away with his?

Set in Berkeley, California, Whole Latte Love is an opposites-attract romance mixing bluesy rock music, hot, steamy love scenes, and financial shenanigans.

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Whole Latte Love


Aislin d’Forest – January 10, 2014 “The definition of romance according to Rachelle is worth reading!”

AG Lang Writes – July 30, 2014 “an unbelievable fairy tale of what a man should be. *sigh*”

A Madison Mom – July 29, 2014 “really drawn into Carina & Dylan’s story”

Miki’s Hope – July 28, 2014 “will have you laughing, gasping, even shaking your head”

A Gluten Free Journey – July 25, 2014 “Holy hot! Set in the city of my favorite sandwich, San Francisco”

Stressed Rach – July 23, 2014 “full of emotion, love, betrayal, lies, and discovery”

Sanity is for Those without Children – July 22, 2014 “a neat look at the different sides of Berkeley”

I Create Purty Things – July 21, 2014 “Carina and Dylan’s steamy relationship delivers”

The Book Review – July 18, 2014 “this (Carina’s personality) was a unique twist and I liked the switched roles”

The Book Stalker – July 17, 2014 “smoking hot characters who are realistic and easy to love”

Life as Leels – July 15, 2014 “Dylan is… wow! I love the bad boy types”

Nana Roberta – July 15, 2014 “Carina needed Dylan in her life to balance her out”

espacularaiesa – July 15, 2014 “The He man Dylan is a pretty darn delectable barista”

Scattered Thoughts – June 20, 2014 “Dylan, the hot , sexy guitarist and barista is a dream lover for every girl”

The Phantom Photographer – June 18, 2014 “if you like game playing and twists”

Che’s Book Addiction – June 17, 2014 “a interesting friendship that slowly turns into love”

Readers’ Muse – June 16, 2014 “beautifully packaged simple love story”

Red Pillows – June 14, 2014 “will definitely tug at the heart strings of all the romantics out there.”

The World As I See it – June 13, 2014 “a super fun book to read”

Rockin’ & Reviewing – June 13, 2014 “a relatively tame hybrid of YA and NA”

Lost in a Book – June 13, 2014 ” Dylan and Carina had me going a little cray-cray at one point.”

My Escape * Books, Coffee, Tea – June 12, 2014 “What a shame girl… if you don’t want him just give him to me!

bookish indulgences with b00kr3vi3ws – June 11, 2014 “I want some of that Latte Love for myself!”

Trips Down Imagination Road – June 10, 2014 “Normally, virginal sex goddesses annoy me, but not Carina!”

Where Being a Woman is Not Easy – June 9, 2014 “Everything’s complicated when sharing a room with hunky Dylan.”

Words’ Worth by Samarpita – June 8, 2014 “A hottie, a Tarantula, the most sinful Latte, drop dead gorgeous.”

a little bit of this a little bit of that – June 5, 2014 “sparks ignite from the beginning and never stop”

Redhead Momma Reviews – June 4, 2014 “Hot, steamy, and a real story. I would recommend this book again and again!”

Substance of Living – June 3, 2014 “The sex scenes do not disappoint.”

Manic Mama of 3 – June 3, 2014 “captivated by the storyline and steam.”

Lorri’s Lovely Reviews – June 2, 2014 “Dylan is everything a book boyfriend should be.  HOT!!!”

Mommies Reviews – June 1, 2014 “I think Oprah should use it in her book club”

Chew Clue – May 29, 2014 “sinful, satisfying and just as indulgent as a slice of chocolate cake.”

Happy Homemaker – May 29, 2014 “As the two collide, they find themselves slowly falling in love.”

Daisy Ray Must Knows – May 28, 2014 “I was so torn between understanding Carina and loving everything about Dylan.”

What is LaShea Reading – May 28, 2014 “Drama with a capital D, you won’t be disappointed”

Stretch Your Budget and Live Better – May 27, 2014 “It’s sweet, sexy, heartbreaking, and sweet again.”

It Is What It Is – May 20, 2014 “The chemistry between the characters is intoxicatingly hot.”

Crimson Journey – May 20, 2014 “I fell instantly in love with [Dylan] and now will never be satisfied with just any man”

The Lady Prefers to Save – May 19, 2014 “Infused with indie rock, steamy love scenes, and financial unsteadiness!”

Everyday Live – May 15, 2014 “Sparks ignite from the beginning and never stop.”

The Sibling Savers – May 14, 2014 “Dylan and Carina have a bond like no other”

My Husband’s Watching TV – May 13, 2014 “Two thumbs up, go read it now!”

One Mom’s Favorite Things – May 13, 2014 “a hot and steamy romance–full of humor, tension, and love.”

Adventures of Audrianna – May 12, 2014 “Opposites attract for sure in this book.”

Moms … check nyo – May 5, 2014 “a contemporary romance with a little mystery and a happy ending”

Simply Basics – May 1, 2014 “Dylan, Oh Dylan! This guy is a Whole Latte everything!”

Angie’s Blog – May 1, 2014 “a love story that makes you feel so good”

Chrissy’s Beauty and Product Reviews – April 25, 2014 “who wouldn’t love a sexy guitar playing guy?”

Chantel Rhoundeau – April 21, 2014 “chemistry sparks from the get go and doesn’t let up”

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