Santa’s Pet


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Smart social media CEO, Brittney Reed, plays elf to a substitute Santa who fills out his Santa suit in all the wrong places.


Brittney Reed’s life is boring, according to her flamboyant talk-of-the-town sister who drafts Brittney to be the sexy elf at this year’s Pet Rescue event at their Christmas Tree Farm.

Ben Powers has a single goal in life—to be drafted to play pro football. Unfortunately, his college team didn’t make the playoffs, and he’s spending Christmas at his grandfather’s place to avoid his football fanatic hometown full of siblings and fans.

Santa Grandpa needs his help, and when Ben meets Brittney, trouble and romance lock hands and follow them everywhere. Ben finds Brittney is more than a pretty face, and Brittney likes what she sees when she gets a peek beneath Ben’s armor.

When Ben is charged with a sex crime, and Brittney is forced to give up her social media company, the Spirit of Christmas steps in and shows Santa and his favorite Elf that love is the answer to every question.

2 thoughts on “Santa’s Pet

  1. This sounds like a heartwarming story! I love dogs, and I see you have a lot of stories featuring furry critters.

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