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March 2016 Release:

Blush of Love – Rachelle Ayala [Amazon, Goodreads]

A hot New Year’s Eve date with bad boy Gunner Gibson leaves Safire wondering if it’s love at first blush or something more sinister.

City of Love – Kaira Rouda [Amazon, Goodreads]

Charlotte’s heart is empty in the new life she’s living. Will Hale help her discover their own city of love?

Cooking up Love – Stacey Wallace [Amazon, Goodreads]

Unlucky in love, Chef Fabiana and Firefighter James discover that together they can turn up the heat without getting burned.

Could This Be Love – Kathy Ivan [Amazon, Goodreads]

When fate reconnects ex-lovers, the lies that tore them apart are exposed. Will they destroy their second chance at happiness?

Crazy Love – Calinda B [Amazon, Goodreads]

A wicked slash from a tiger’s claw, followed by a rock star’s kiss…will the kiss erase years of devastating heartache?

Faith in Love – C.M. Albert [Amazon, Goodreads]

Sparks fly when philanthropist Egan MacGuire meets healer Celeste St. Angelo. Despite their painful pasts, can they find faith in love?

Give In To Love – Natasha Brown [Amazon, Goodreads]

Together they have the power to aid villages, but do they have the inner strength to give in to love?

Harvesting Love – Christine Cunningham [Amazon, Goodreads]

William never forgot the shattered look in her eyes when he lied and said, “No Beatrice, I don’t love you.”

Love in the City – Zoe York [Amazon, Goodreads]

NYPD detective Daniel DeCecco didn’t want to fall hard for his best friend’s little sister. But Lucy has a plan.

Love on the Wind – P.C. Zick [Amazon, Goodreads]

As Jeff builds Kiley’s dream house, they must also build a strong foundation for their new love before it crumbles in the wind.

Nailed by Love – Kelly Collins [Amazon, Goodreads]

Finding activist Charlotte Cruise chained to his construction site door changes Brock’s day. Will her antics change his life?

Pitching for Love – Amy Manemann [Amazon, Goodreads]

The game just went from saving his career, to pitching for love.

Race of Love – Melissa McClone [Amazon, Goodreads]

Bree’s only hope to stay on the US Ski Team lies in the hands of the one man she doesn’t trust.

Recipe for Love – Jamie Lee Scott [Amazon, Goodreads]

Diem’s cupcake bakery is the only thing she has time for, until mogul Sterling Crew enters life. Will he be the icing?

Revived by Love – Stacy Eaton [Amazon, Goodreads]

It took a single kiss to revive Mark and Joanne, but will it be enough to save Joanne’s son’s life?

Some Kind of Love – Magan Vernon [Amazon, Goodreads]

A jam maker and a winery owner try to find the sweet side of love.

Tracks to Love – Abbie St. Claire [Amazon, Goodreads]

Can Tate mend his own heart when he races his car right through Willow’s? Or will their relationship stall?


May 2015 Release:

A Texas Kind of Love – by Melissa Storm [Amazon, Goodreads]

Can a city girl and country boy find love under the Texas stars?

Cured by Love – by Stacy Eaton [Amazon, Goodreads]

Leap, Laugh, Love – by Rachelle Ayala [Amazon, Goodreads]

A pro surfer on holiday after being attacked by a shark gets tangled up with an Army Ranger on a mission of mercy.

Love Me, Love Me Not – by Elena Aitken [Amazon, Goodreads]

Love on the Record – by Zoe York [Amazon, Goodreads]

Love on the Rocks – by Elle James [Amazon]

Pulled by Love – by Amy Manemann [Amazon, Goodreads]

Spotlight on Love – by Kaira Rouda [Amazon, Goodreads]

Olivia and Reed instantly connect but will the harsh spotlight of fame pull them apart?