Maryanne opened the door to the restroom. The waiter had interrupted them with the dessert menu and Lucas ordered a tiramisu to be shared between them. She looked in the mirror and dabbed at her eyes. He still hurt over it. Killing someone, even in self-defense had to weigh on his conscience day and night. The way his voice choked up when he told the story showed he was still grieving.

She stepped into a stall to use the toilet. Her panty-liner was clean, not even a spot of blood. Worry rose like a coiled snake. She held her breath, counted to five and let it out. All the stress had delayed her cycle. And now, the evening had been ruined by her nosy questions. She’d ask Lucas to take her home, and then decide what to do.

She fixed her makeup and exited the bathroom.

“There you are,” Lucas walked up to her. “I’m sorry I put such a damper on the evening. Care to dance?”

“Okay, one dance and we should go. It’s been a long day.” She looped her hand in his arm and followed him to the dance floor. The jazz band finished up a swinging piece, and the audience clapped.

The lead singer flourished his arm and pointed to Maryanne and Lucas. “I have an announcement.”

Maryanne’s face heated. “You didn’t.”

Lucas winked at her and nodded at the lead singer.

The spotlight swung toward them and the speaker said, “A young man here wants all of us to know that he is in love with a very special woman. Lucas Knight loves Maryanne Torres.”

The crowd cheered and whooped. Maryanne hid her face. “What if someone recognizes me from the church scandal? I can’t believe you just did that.”

“I’m a daring man.” His voice was silky in her ear.

The piano played the prelude to “Unforgettable.”

She caught her breath. “I love this song.”

“That’s our cue, sweetheart.” Lucas swung her onto the dance floor as a male voice crooned. He placed his arms around her and stared at her, his green eyes dreamy with emotion.

Maryanne swayed with the music and darted a nervous glance at the tables. “They’re probably laughing at me.”

“Will you shut up?” he whispered. “I never want to forget this moment.”

A female voice joined the singing. Soon, other couples surrounded them. Lucas held her tightly. Even with the stiletto platforms, Maryanne’s face barely reached his shoulders. She ached to feel his lips on hers, his sensual breath caressing her ear. She slipped her fingers behind his neck and brought his head down.

His scent, a magnetic, sporty fragrance quickened her pulse and spiked her desire. He was every inch of a man, and she wanted every last bit of him. He rubbed his cheek on her temple and kissed around her ear. Tickling, gently nibbling around the rim and nipping her lobe. She plastered herself against him, absorbing his heartbeat, surrounded by his strength. He’d told the club, the world, he loved her. Nothing could be better than right here, right now, at this unforgettable moment.

She looked up. “Lucas, you make me feel so special.”

“Because you are. You are my world, Maryanne. My everything.” His deep voice vibrated to the core of her heart. His warm lips traveled down her eyelids, kissing a tear that trailed from the corner of her eye. “Truth.”

“What have I done to deserve you?” She melded to the smooth rhythm of the dance, aware of his hard length against her belly. “Lucas, I’m in love with you too.”

The press of his luscious lips whisked her out of the world. She lost all sense of time and place, flung out like a star into a galaxy painted across the night sky. The music faded, the lights dimmed, and the crowd thinned. She was alone, in an unforgettable realm, surrounded by Lucas, carried away in his strong arms, safely tucked beneath his heart. Silence reigned for a heavenly moment and time stopped to the ebb and flow of a single kiss.

The piano and saxophone started again, joined by the humming duet, male and female. A light applause emanated from the crowd. Maryanne opened her eyes. A grinding feeling gnawed her stomach and dread rose like a plume of nausea. The pregnancy test could shoot her star out of orbit and crater their perfect illusion of love.

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