Have a Hart Sweet Romances

If you love sweet romances (PG-rating), look no further than my new, Have a Hart series. The Harts are a family of San Francisco firefighters. Their family motto is: Heart comes first.

First up is little sister, Melisa Hart, who has surprisingly never dated a fireman. With lovebirds matchmaking, Melisa gets her Christmas wishes to finally come true.


Christmas Lovebirds is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble NookApple IBookStoreKobo BookstoreGoogle PlayPaperbackScribdPaperback-Large Print


I Create Purty Thangs, Feb 12, 2017, “Sometimes it takes life getting in the way, for you to move aside and accept where fate takes you. I believe that is what happened to these two. And it didn’t hurt that they had two lovebirds pushing them along.”


Jenna Hart and Larry Davison are next with a sweet Valentine’s romance, Valentine Hound Dog.

Former fireman Larry Davison covers his burn scars well, by working at an elementary school as a custodian where he finds a lost hound dog behind the dumpster.

Fashion designer Jenna Hart is in town to do her annual charity photo shoot when she loses her top model, Little Treat. When Larry turns up with the puppy, she asks him to pose in her fashion shots.

Larry hears Jenna’s doing the shoot as an act of charity, and he balks at being her good deed. Can Jenna convince Larry beauty is never skin deep and love’s arrow strikes not only the beautiful, but the bold?



Valentine Hound Dog (Have A Hart #2, Clean) (Kindle, Nook, Apple iBooksKobo, Inktera, Scribd, GooglePaperback, Paperback-Large Print)


Laura’s Interests, Feb 14, 2017, “Told with compassion and humor, this is a family centered romance. Not only the Hart family is involved but also all the brothers and sisters of the fire protection service.”

I Create Purty Thangs, Feb 14, 2017, “After working so hard on Larry’s confidence only to lose it, will Jenna ever get his trust back?”

A Gluten Free Mom, Feb 13, 2017, “I loved the fact that at the center of the story is a lovable messy shelter dog who manages to steal the show at every turn.”

Taking Time for Mommy, Feb 13, 2017, “The author really dug deep with these characters and develops them well.”

My Devotional Thoughts, Feb 9, 2017, “Rachelle always strives for realistic writing and clever dialogue, and there is no doubt that she delivers in this book.”

Sanity is for Those Without Children, Feb 10, 2017, “This is such a sweet romance! A lot of people consider it a Beauty and the Beast story, because of Larry’s scars. However, Larry is a truly beautiful man, while Jenna is an obsessive career climber.”

Romance As a First Language, Feb 7, 2017, “The story is so entertaining and sweet that I did not want the book to end.”

Lynchburg Mama [site couldn’t be reached]

Ali’s Book Nook, Feb 8, 2017, “Larry is a sweet guy – proven in the way he researches how to take care of basset hounds and does what’s best for Harley.  Jenna is ambitious and following her dreams of being a fashion designer. What I liked was how they supported and encouraged each other.”

Mommies Angels, Feb 7, 2017, “Jenna and Larry are the cutest unmatched couple ever then add in the cute little matchmaking hound dog Harley and you got one amazing family.”

Writing Pearls, Feb 7, 2017, “The characters were center stage in this clean and beautiful romance.”

Miki’s Hope, Feb 7, 2017, “All the males in her family are fire fighters–but will her stubborn chief of a brother help-NO. Jenna has to come up with a plan—–and it ultimately involves a cute little basset hound puppy.”

Books, Dreams, Life, Feb 6, 2017, “This was a delightful sweet romance that I really enjoyed reading.”

Between the Coverz, Feb 4, 2017, “I loved the touch of the hound dog. He gave you the feel good emotions and added just the right amount of cuteness to the story. He might not be a good station dog but he is certainly good as a cute companion.”

Me Making It Happen, Feb 6, 2017, “the perfect book to read for Valentine’s Day when you’re chilling with your significant other or by yourself.”

Cali Book Review, Feb 3, 2017, “Larry is a guy that will absolutely melt your heart.”

The Faerie Review, Feb 3, 2017, “If this story doesn’t make you believe in true love again, nothing will.”

Falling Leaves, Feb 1, 2017, “This book is really beautiful with all of the emotional rollercoaster.”

Adventurous Jessy, Feb 1, 2017, “Reading it will make your heart leap with joy and never give up on love.”

Nikki’s Nook, Feb 1, 2017, “I love that Ayala sets these books in San Francisco as it is one of my favorite major cities in the US.”

I Love Romance, Feb 1, 2017, “I lost a piece of my heart within this cute tale.”

Dec 12, 2015 – Lampshade Reviews “What makes this interesting is that there is a really cute hound dog named Harley, that acts as a matchmaker and brings everyone together.”

Watch for stories with the rest of the Hart siblings.

Connor [Spring Fling Kitty]


At twenty-nine, Connor Hart, is one of the youngest fire chiefs in the country, and he takes his responsibilities seriously with no time for love and relationships. When his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Elaine Woo, bids on him at a bachelor auction and throws in a Dalmatian puppy, he is puzzled and cautious of her motives.

Artist and poet Nadine Woo is always down on her luck. The cast-off half-sister of Dr. Elaine, she’s never measured up, according to her strict and distant father. When Nadine and her mother are about to be evicted from their apartment, she gets an interesting offer from Dr. Elaine Woo. Seems she’s in need of a little bit of help concerning her relationship with Fire Chief Connor Hart.

As soon as Nadine meets Connor, she knows she’s in for a rough ride. Connor is the fireman who rescued her and her little gray kitten, and she’s never forgotten how safe she felt in his arms.

When Nadine takes her sister’s place at a spring fling weekend with Connor, love ignites, and there’s no going back.

Can a spunky little kitty show Connor and Nadine that doing the wrong thing is sometimes right, especially when it comes to love?



Irish Daisy Loves Romance, August 11, 2016 “This was an amazing read it was full of emotion, true love and suspense that will suck you in.”

Nightime Reading Center, August 9, 2016 “It gets even better and more twist and turns as you read the story.”

Elusive Red Tiger, August 9, 2016 – “I won’t tell you what happens, but let me say that I think that unexpected twist in the story was my favorite part of the book.”

Laura’s Interests, August 8, 2016 – “Star crossed lovers – and they are not the two who are engaged!”

A Gluten Free Journey, August 4, 2016 – “Humor is a theme that is not often found in romantically themed novels, but it should be!”

Books, Dreams, Lives, August 3, 2016 – “If you love animals and love stories this book is for you.”

I Create Purty Thangs, August 3, 2016 – “I must say I loved the fur babies, Greyheart and Cinder. They added a nice touch to the story.”

Miki’s Hope, August 2, 2016 – “There is a lot of silent back stabbing going on–and you are never going to figure it all out until the author reveals it at the end!”

Nicki’s Nook, August 2, 2016 – “The love story part of this book is a great one. It seems a bit odd but works out in an interesting way.”

Sanity is for those without children, August 1, 2016 – “This couple encounters danger, mysteries and heartache. Can they survive what life is throwing out them and come out with their relationship (and their pets) unscathed?”

Lynchburg Mama, August 1, 2016 – “Just when you think you’ve got the story understood, a nice twist pops in and makes you rethink everything set before you.”

Back Porchervations, July 29, 2016 – “If each person has a story, there are billions of stories in the world today.  Rachelle Ayala gives us a doozy of a story.”

Life as Leels, July 27, 2016 – “I felt I could relate to the story and there is nothing I love more than a good book, romance, and a relateable story!”

jessicacassidy.com, July 27, 2016 – “This a beautiful story not only about the love for animals but also a forbidden love.”

Mom Does Reviews, July 27, 2016 – “The outcome of this story is one that had me on the edge of my seat.”

Falling Leaves, July 25, 2016 – “Connor and Nadine is one of a kind couple. They have a bond beyond this world and it’s more and untouchable.”

I Love Romance, June 21, 2016 – “There are no hidden tactics, no overly sexy scenarios or dark agendas with Rachelle Ayala’s Connor and Nadine. What you get is straight forward at times flighty and not always pretty storytelling.”

Cait [Blue Chow Christmas]


Review: Miki’s Hope. May 8, 2017 “This is one of the series that I want to read them all–and hope that Rachelle Ayala keeps on going with–every one is a winner!”

Larry and Jenna, again, Valentine Wedding Hound



Miki’s Hope, Feb 14, 2017, “How could I resist putting up this wonderful book on Valentine’s Day–obviously I couldn’t!! My review of Valentine Hound Dog is still live and can be found HERE. This series is really good but each can be read as a stand alone. This book continues the story of Jenna Hart and Larry Davison–two total opposites–but they do say opposites attract. These two really love each other but have a couple of major issues to work through. It doesn’t help that one of Jenna’s sisters got Jenna involved in a reality TV show–about her upcoming Valentine’s Day wedding to Larry. It is all about dares–and what dares they were–OUCH. Can their love get them through? Can Harley-that adorable basset hound–manage to save the day? This one will keep you reading–it did me–straight through!!”

Grady, Summer Love Puppy [TBD]

and baby brother Dale [TBD]

The Hart family will delight you with clean and wholesome love stories, filled with family, friends [both people and animals].

16 thoughts on “Have a Hart Sweet Romances

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  3. I just finished reading Christmas Lovebirds and I really enjoyed the story of Rob and Melisa! Can’t wait for the next installment of the series.
    With warm regards from sunny England xx

  4. Just finished Valentine Hound Dog. … excellent. .. could not stop reading. .. had me giggling and then crying.. loved it… Kathleen from Cape Town South Africa

    • Hi Kathleen, thank you so much for writing me from Cape Town. I’m eager to start writing my next Have a Hart romance as soon as I finish a work in progress. Take care and have an awesome day! – Rachelle

  5. hi i have really enjoyed valentine hound dog. where can i get Spring Flirty Kitty from please?
    Thank you so much for writing enjoyable stories.
    kind regards

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