Bad Boys for Hire Series


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Bad Boys for Hire #2 – Ken

Available on Amazon (Kindle) Paperback, Large Print Paperback


He’s here! In time for Christmas. Available on Amazon (Kindle, Paperback)

Check out some reviews:

Dec 5: The Faerie Review “Nick’s tale is full of twists and turns that will lead you through passion, suspense, and a beautiful love story.”

Dec 6: Leels Loves Books (review by Ana Paula Medeiros) “This book is lovely, entertaining and a beautiful lesson of overcoming the difficulties that life bring us.”

Dec 7: I Love Romance “What began as a sexy read emerged as an expedition of hope.” 

Dec 7: Nikki’s Nook “This book is great to add to my read each year at Christmas time.”

Dec 8: Between the Covers “I loved seeing the real life emotions and events in this book. I didn’t feel that I was reading another book, same story line, but different character’s names. This book was actually different.” 

Dec 8: Jessica Cassidy “Bad boy Nick not only will drives you crazy with that looks and body but he will quench your heart with his amazing way despite his past. He is my hero in this story. He is vulnerable to show his heart for a woman who really he adores and love but gave him doubts. It is like a bow that hit you right into your heart. Love is unconditional and happens when you less expected.”

Dec 9: Cali Book Reviews “There is some heartache in the book, there’s love, there’s sex, there’s laughter and much more. I enjoyed reading this book.” 

Dec 9: Books, Dreams, Life “A well written story with great characters. I could feel the emotions while reading.”

Dec 9: In Our Spare Time “This story had a unique spin to it that I haven’t seen addressed in other romance novels which made it all the more special.”

Dec 9: Irish Daisy Loves Romance “This was a warm funny eye opening HOT sexy read and I loved it!!! You should definitely take a chance on St. Nick and his Christmas Carol.”

Dec 11: Mom Does Reviews “What happens when a paralyzed woman meets the ultimate bad boy? They fall in love of course!”

Dec 13: Miki’s Hope “She has brought the feelings and lives of paraplegics in a gentle and uplifting way so that others will be able to understand and not shun them–but know that they can be much more and do much more then most of us give them credit for.”

Dec 14: Espacularaiesa Walkin the Talk “I love these characters. Rachelle brings them to life with nice twists and sparks.”

Dec 14: Mommies Angels “Nick and Carol are so hot and adorable together. Their chemistry is undeniable. No matter how much the frustrate and piss each other off they can’t stay away from each other. They are drawn together and that’s what true love is!” 

Dec 16: Sanity is for Those Without Children “This book is the perfect romantic read for the holidays, especially if you’re into bad boys!” 

Dec 19: Jacqueline Albrecht, guest of Beck Valley Books “The storyline was great in that it showed how someone (Nick) can turn their lives around when they find someone/something that they believe in.” 

Dec 19: Book Thoughts N Things “I love that the author went with a female lead that wasn’t a model/damsel-in-distress and that she had a disability.”

Dec 20: LibriAmoriMeiei “a romantic story full of tenderness and passion, funny and melancholic.”

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