Her Perfect Catch by K.L. Brady
Nerdy, struggling sports writer Melanie Vincent needs a miracle when her dream of running a nationally recognized blog hits a snag due to low readership. After Mel is gifted a pair of Super Bowl tickets for years of faithful dog sitting, she has a chance encounter with her favorite football player that leads to the inside scoop on the biggest story of her career…and maybe the love of a lifetime.

The lobby was no less elegant than the hotel’s exterior, draped in luxurious natural-colored decor with reddish accents, Italian marble, and ornate European-styled furniture placed in cozy, conversational arrangements. The desk attendant, an older gray-haired lady with a southerntwang, shifted her eyes between them.
“Well, don’t you two make the cutest couple?”
“We do, don’t we?” Dylan said, wrapping his arm around Mel’s shoulder, grinning as if he won the lottery.
With one eyebrow up, Mel glanced at his hand and then brushed it off. “Uh, no, no. We’re
best friends.”
“Oh, I get it. Friends with benefits.” She winked.
“No, no. Just buddies.”
“Well, if he’s not with you”—she reached between her ample bosom and pulled out a
business card—“he can give me a call. I get off in an hour.”
“Uh, ma’am, we’d just like to check in, please. Any additional rooms available?”
She pursed her lips and gave Mel every bit of her attitude. “Afraid not. We’re all booked up until Monday. Super Bowl.”
Mel handed the woman her credit card, waited for her to process it for incidentals and hand her the keycards. “Room 315. Up the elevator to the third floor; your room is on the left at the end of the hall.” As Mel dragged her suitcase and Mack toward the elevator, his carrier handle started to cut into her finger so she swapped bags with Dylan. Then they pressed ahead through the pristine, marble lobby to catch a ride to their room.
“Mel, why do you keep doing that?” Dylan asked as they waited for the elevator to alert its arrival.
“Doing what?”
“Telling everyone we’re not together as if I’m a leper or something.”
“If my memory serves me correctly, denying that we’re a couple used to be your role. How many times have you told your potential prey that I’m your little sister?” Mel responded, giving him the side eye. “Guess you taught me well, Obi-Wan.”
He grimaced as the elevator doors opened, motioned her inside, and pressed “3.”
“Listen, I’ve wanted to talk to you about Gizelle. She didn’t cancel. I did…and there’s a
reason, something I didn’t realize until recently.”
“How many times did I tell you Gizelle was all wrong for you?”
“About a thousand, but that’s not what I’m—”
She let out a long exasperated sigh. “Dylan, while I just love hearing about your sexual
exploits and break-ups,” she said facetiously, “how about you hold that thought until after I’m out of a hot shower and into some pajamas.”
“But you don’t understand. What I’m trying to say is—”
Just then the doors opened and Mel stepped off the elevator. It was too late when she heard someone yell, “Go deep!”
An object collided against her temple, causing a dull aching pain to stretch across her skull and into her neck. Dylan’s voice screamed, “Watch out!” before all light and sound faded and the hall went black.

About the Author

K. L. Brady is a D.C. native and grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the setting of her debut novel. When she hit her “tween” years, her mother packed the family and moved to Bellaire, Ohio, where she eventually graduated from Bellaire High School. She attended the University of Akron for a few semesters, where she pledged Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., before moving back to the D.C. area.

She discovered a love for reading and writing at the age of three, by her mother’s accounts. Through the years, she has maintained diaries and journals, but the journals she wrote as an adult provided the inspiration for The Bum Magnet. 

Brady is a native Washingtonian (D.C.), lifelong Washington football fan, and professed nerd-girl who loves all things Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Big Bang Theory. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, the Maryland Writers Association, and Sisters in Crime and lives to write novels, especially those involving hilarious quirky characters looking for love. She is hard at work on her next several projects including the sequels to HER PERFECT CATCH (part of the Valentine’s Pets and Kisses box set) because girls love football, too!
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Excerpt – Trembling Hearts by Suzette Riddick – Valentine Pets & Kisses boxed set

Trembling Hearts by Suzette Riddick
Recluse Jason Carr is living in rural Virginia after an accident leaves him physically scarred. While taking a stroll and minding his business, the spunky Lezlie Sharpe literally crashes into his life, stealing the heart of his beloved pooch, Trooper. Now, forced to share living quarters, will Lezlie capture Jason’s heart too?

Whatever smart aleck retort she had ready to sass at him died on her lips. The dog’s owner was a mountain of a man. Her eyes traveled his entire length. He had to stand at least six-five with shoulders nearly spanning the width of the doorway he occupied.
She let out a long, slow breath. Lord have mercy he didn’t have a shirt on. And those pajama bottoms were riding low on his hips. She tried forcing her eyes not to stare at the dark hair on his chest tapering down toward his pelvis. But failed miserably. Her bosom rose and fell with each breath she inhaled and exhaled. Her fingertips were itching to caress his golden brown, chiseled, tight abdomen.
She bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning as her eyes traveled up to his stony face. The faded jagged scar slashed across his right cheek gave him a dangerous, but oh so sexy look. She could tell at one time he was what her grandma referred to as “pretty” boy handsome.
She continued to gape at him, her eyes blinking, wondering where in the world he had been all her life. The pain in her head was warring with the butterflies in her stomach.
The butterflies were winning.

About the Author

Suzette Riddick’s (formerly known as Victoria Wells) love for the romance genre is what encouraged her in 2008 to write her first novel A Special Summer. After receiving positive feedback from readers she was inspired to write the sequel, When Love Comes Around. And before she knew it, the Love Conquers All Series was born. From this series Second Chance at Love was nominated for an Emma Award. Currently, Suzette is working on a new series titled Love at Last.

Although reading and writing are near and dear to Suzette’s heart, being a wife, mother and nurse practitioner is what bring her the most joy. 

Check out Suzette’s website at http://www.suzetteriddick.com. And check out her books written as Victoria Wells at amazon.com/author/victoriawells
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New Year’s Predictions – What I Planned and what I actually did – Rachelle Ayala

January 1, 2015, my predictions were that I would write stories for the following covers:

On December 31, 2015, here are the actual books I published. Love was not Easy. The Jewells did not speak to me. I couldn’t Arrange for Love, and I was neither Caught for Christmas nor Vengeful about Love. You could say, I Strayed from my plans and was Intercepted by Love instead.

As you can see, I wrote exactly TWO of the books I thought I would.
Playing Without Rules and Santa’s Pet.
I guess I’m NOT a great predictor of even my own behavior.

Here are my resolutions/goals from January 1, 2015
Goals for the New Year (2015):

1) Write a YA romance with Mina Esguerra’s #buqoYA class [Catching Trouble] – DID NOT FINISH

2) Write at least two sports novellas and put one of them into a Sports Novella Boxed Set – DONE, I wrote several sports romances, Playing Without Rules and the Intercepted by Love Series of SIX books.

3) Write at least two Christmas novellas and put one of them into a Christmas Boxed Set – DONE, I wrote FOUR Christmas stories: Christmas Stray, A Pet for Christmas, Christmas Lovebirds, and Santa’s Pet

4) Finish either Love is Easy and one of the Sanchez Sisters romances. [full-length novels] – DID NOT FINISH

5) Finish at least two Jewells in Love romances. [full-length novels] – DID NOT FINISH

6) Come up with a series concept for the Love Arrangement [cover, title TBD] – DID NOT FINISH, instead, I wrote a serial, Intercepted by Love, inspired by Russell Wilson’s last minute Super Bowl Interception.

Should I be either brave or foolhardy to make predictions for 2016? Probably not, but I’ll do it anyway.
Here’s what I have coming up. Readers loved Playing Without Rules, a Baseball Romance featuring players from the Arizona Rattlers pro baseball team. In my next baseball romance, bartender and best girlfriend Jeanine Jewell finds that no matter how she denies it, she can’t avoid the secrets in her past when she meets Kirk Kennedy, the new catcher for the Rattlers who has as much trouble with commitment and relationships as Jeanine does.
Playing Catch is available for pre-order at Amazon and will release early 2016.
Last year, I joined Melissa Foster’s Remington World with Leap, Laugh, Love, a steamy novella about a pro-surfer, an Army Ranger, and a vicious shark set on the rugged beaches of Montauk, NY.
Melissa Foster’s Remington World is going to go big in 2016, starting with Safire Chu and Gunner Gibson in a New Year’s Eve romance, along with many others [more news to come].
Watch for Blush of Love in March 2016
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Now for the Predictions/Resolutions/Goals for 2016:
  1. A third installment of A Veteran’s Christmas [A Father for Christmas, A Pet for Christmas, and A Wedding for Christmas (new)]
  2. Another sweet pet story for Christmas in Christmas Pets and Kisses II
  3. A steamy Christmas story or two or three
  4. Third book for my Have A Hart sweet romance series: Spring Fling Kitty
  5. Finish Catching Trouble, my young-adult romance
  6. One Sanchez or Jewell book. I’m not ready to give up on these two families.
What about you? How was your 2015? What’s on your plate for 2016? If you’re looking for books to read, please to go my Reader’s Guide Cheat Sheet where all my series order and steamy or sweet is explained. Thanks!