Book Review – Claiming Carlos – Rachelle Ayala

A review of Claiming Carlos from Down Under – they loved how the characters were entwined together.

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Ebook Cover (1)

Claiming Carlos equals a great read.

Meet Choco. Works at her family’s restaurant, studying nights, is happy, carefree and loves her best friend Carlos.

Meet Carlos. Works as a chef at Choco’s family restaurant. He’s funny, work driven and loves his best friend Choco.

Sharing a kiss in a closet while both chaperoning Choco’s younger sister and her date changes everything.

Can they make a relationship work?

Taking the step, they both decide they can no longer ignore the longing they have for each other.

But what is set out to destroy them?
And who?

Add to that an interfering mother, a conniving mother and son combo, secrets and mistrust, will Choco and Carlos survive, or will too much stand in their way?

Claiming Carlos was a really good read. It had so many twist and turns, it left us guessing right to the very end.
What surprised us the…

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